First Bill

£177.50 !!!

After being quoted £109 a month on my usage from my previous bill i am amazed that my first bill with Bulb is £177.50.

I missed inputting my meter readings however nearly a £50 difference in bill (i am aware of the extra £20 that was added for the winter months) seems a big estimate?

Is there a way that you provide smart meters which send the readings direct to you save missing inputting them and getting a hefty bill of what seems to be a big over estimate?


Hi Carl,

The £177.50 is based on estimates made by the energy industry. So if you send over actual meter readings we’ll be able to get it smoothed out. We don’t create the estimates, it’s based on historical usage at the property and is generated by another regulated organisation. The good news is that it will adjust as you send over more actual readings. The more actual, the more accurate the estimates get.

Your monthly payments with us won’t change, we realise that estimates aren’t always the most accurate things in the world, so your bank account won’t be affected.

We are planning our smart meter roll out for later this year. We’re going to trial them in the summer and when we’re happy with the model and installers we’ll roll them out to members.

All the best,

I have just had my first electricity bill from Bulb. It was a terrible shock. It says my average usage for 18 Feb 2020 to 22 Feb 2020 was £105.82 pence per day. Something is not right.

The opening readings are the wrong way around too. Day rate has the night rate figures and Night rate has the day rate figures.

I submitted the readings in the right slots. I took great care because of a problem with this with my previous supplier British Gas. The fields twisting round - sun and moon icons swapping places.

For years I was with British Gas paying by DD, exactly what they told me to pay, I got messages saying I was “on plan” then suddenly they said I owed them a massive sum this year. My habits have not changed. On 27 January 2020 I paid British Gas £768.13 over the phone and then I started the process of leaving them. On 10 February 2020 British Gas took £158.94 via DD which I assumed was the final payment.

But now my first BULB bill is for £529.12 and my Bulb account is suddenly £464.43 in debit.

What is going on? I am freezing cold in my all-electric flat most of the time. Too scared to use more than the absolute minimum of electricity.

Is this to do with estimated readings? I don’t have to pay it?

Talked to a nice Bulb guy on the phone just now. He says he will help me sort it out. Luckily I have various screenshots of the perambulating planets. And I don’t have to pay Bulb £464.43. Phew.