First Bill

I joined bulb several months ago. (about 6) My app tells me I’m in credit so I can see what I’ve paid but I have no statements. When will I get my first statement?

Assuming you have submitted readings, go to your account and monthly statements can be viewed/downloaded.

Hi Alison

Adding to what scudo mentions, you can expect your first bill 4 weeks after your switch date, which will be estimated if you don’t submit readings a few days before. I think I’m right in saying that Bulb will send you a message to send them accurate readings near the date, if you do prefer.

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@Alison76 We should be able to get a final bill to you early next week. Sorry for the delay.

I misread the question, so my sincere apologies…(I blame the Morocco v Iran footie match as rather boring) :slight_smile:

I misread the question, so my sincere apologies.....(I blame the Morocco v Iran footie match as rather boring) ☺
Au contraire - I think @"DanP at Bulb" misread the question.

Hi 198kHz

I thought so…Alison is wondering where her first bill, not final bill, is, surely? ( and don’t call me Shirley!)

Hopefully on Monday, will be re-read and Dan or another Bulb representative will be on the case to sort out Alison’s query.


I’m guessing that Alison is actually looking for her statements regardless of whether this is the first or final version. I think the answer scudo gave earlier is correct, which is to go to the “Payments and Statement” of her account and locate the “Download statement” option.

Okey dokey cheers Allanr :slight_smile:

( Portugal v Spain…cracking footie )

@198kHz You are right, I meant to say first bill not final. Thanks for checking.

@Alison76 To clarify, we have had some issues generating your first bill which will be resolved this week and you will have a bill from us very soon. This will then be available online and via email.