First day as a bulb customer

Hi it’s my first day as a bulb customer could someone explain this picture to me as regards the different amounts plz and what it means I’m also still awaiting my payment going through its pending at then minute also I submitted meter readings on the 12th may do I need to submit more

In a nutshell.

  1. Monthly usage (in £) is based on an estimate of your usage for the next 12 months divided by 12 and using the current unit rates.

This may change each month as your estimate becomes more accurate the longer you are with Bulb.

  1. Monthly payments is what your your Direct Debit is set to.

Ok so I dont need to stress over it to much at the minute it’s all different as i was prepayment before on smart meters

Hi @Sue1970 - Allanr is quite right. I wouldn’t stress about it this early on, we’ll have a much better view of your usage over the next few months.

Ok thankyou both :slight_smile: