First Impressions of Essentials Bulb

I ordered 4 of the Nanoleaf Essentials A19 bulb yesterday from Apple and they arrived today. In short, good quality bulbs, rubbish with Bluetooth but should improve with thread and the app is plain awful. routerlogin

Very easy to install through HomeKit in the normal way of pairing through a QR code. They quickly appeared in HomeKit and the Nanoleaf app. An immediate firmware update was available that took a good 5-10 mins to update on the bulb. You will want to leave a device nearby for this as mine lost connection a couple of times when moving away.

The colours are OK. Perhaps not as rich as recent Hue bulbs or LIFX. Blues and greens in particular look a little washed out but not as bad as the early Hue bulbs and certainly good for a bulb of this price. I would imagine most people will use for white temperature anyway. These are strong. A pretty good range of 2130k up to 6535k so should work well at most times of day.

At this point in time, a day before the HomePod mini is available, the connection of the bulbs is pretty poor. Difficult to be too critical as I would imagine thread will improve speed and reliability. Through Bluetooth though, the bulbs are very slow. I’m seeing 10-20 seconds for changes to be reflected. Wishing I’d been quicker to order HomePod’s last week as mine won’t arrive until December.

The other big issue as has been highlighted multiple times on this sub is the app. Some real glaring inconsistencies within the essentials menus. The circadian feature for example, needs some serious work. For some reason it is split into a separate settings area as it applies to all essentials bulbs but you then turn the feature on at each bulb. Sunrise/Daylight and Sunset times and how they link to Colour temperature are also very badly explained. It just isn’t clear how anything works and is an absolute mess. Really hoping this gets some TLC as i would like to use the feature.

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