First meter reading difficulty

We wish to submit our first meter reading, but the ex Eon meter still shows the units we had used up to the day we swapped several weeks ago. How can we tell how much electricity we have used since being Bulb customers? We are worried that as we set our monthly payments quite high, (to cover the worst of winter) we may be over paying without being able to show our usage is actually quite low.

Hello @Jean.

When you switch suppliers, the in-home display will stop working. You need to look at the physical meters to see the reading. Please look at this guide to see how to read your smart meter

Please note that you can only submit a first reading up to 5 days after the switch date. If it has been two weeks then we have missed the window. Not to worry, without a reading we will use an estimate in its place. The same estimate is sent to us and E.On and we will both use this reading to close, and open, your account. If the estimate is inaccurate, we can get it changed, just let us know.


Thanks for your answer but the point I was (obviously unsuccessfully) trying to make was that this reading was off the main meter. The reading on this matched the point at which the small smart meter stopped working, hence my concern.

Hi @Jean thanks for explaining that. Could you email a photo of the meter to and we can take a look at it? Thanks!

If you’re worried you’re overpaying you can lower your payments whenever you like in your online account.

I’m out today, but I’ll try. Thanks