First meter reading, how to submit it on line

I have a 2 rate single display meter fitted, how do I submit the readings on line ? there’s Rate 1. and rate 4

Hi there @SH1950 thanks for getting in touch. If you have a two rate meter and there’s only one box, then it usually means we’re waiting on some of the technical details about your meter, so our system doesn’t ‘know’ that it’s a two rate meter yet. If you let us know the two readings, here or through, we can add them in for you now. Otherwise, the details should have arrived and the website updated in the next few days. If you’re wondering about which is the day and which is the night reading, there may be something written on the meter which will say, otherwise your best bet is to take two readings an hour or so apart during the day and see which reading has changed, that’ll be the day reading.