First meter reading on economy 7

I’m switching to bulb and I’ve had an email saying I should submit an initial meter reading, but the web form only seems to want a single electricity reading despite me being on Economy 7, and there doesn’t seem to be anything explaining what to do! I’m on a smart meter if that makes any difference, perhaps I don’t actually need to do one as my old supplier will have an exact reading for when the supply cuts over?

@Edmund The industry database is showing your meter as only having one meter reading. It might be worth sending a photo over to us if you think there may be some conflicting information about your meter to

Thanks Dan, I’ve sent an email in with details. I don’t think that the database is wrong as the meter numbers match up, it’s possible that it just defaults to a standard tariff given that the smart meter can do both. Just need to ensure that we can be on an economy 7 tariff with you if possible.