First meter reading, two boxes?

Just trying to do my first meter reading in anticipation of switching to Bulb in the next few days, but notice that the page for the electricity reading is wanting two readings. I only have one reading on the meter, and the page won’t accept just one.

Ironically I can find people reporting the other way around (have two readings but only space for one). Can I just fill the second entry with 00000s or will that make a mess of things?

I’ve been on BG’s “free Sundays” tariff until now so don’t know if that’s why there’s two spaces? Doesn’t appear to be a way to get a second number from the meter though.


@maxpower The two boxes are because of the British Gas free weekend day deal that you were on.

They actual made a separate register on your meter, which means you do have to provide 2 readings when you provide meter reads.

You can usually take both reads by just pressing the Green A button a couple of times to see a Reading 1 and Reading 2. One of those readings will now never move, so whenever you provide a read it will be the same.

If you have any difficulties getting the second reading, just send over a set of photos of all the different displays to or in this thread, so that other members can learn from this!


Thanks Rob,
Figured it out in the end, looks like the reading I was seeing by default was a combination of the two readings. My meter has a black button and an orange button. Had to hold the black button for a few seconds which gave me an alternate bunch of screens to cycle through, including the two separate readings. Now submitted, thanks!

Great news @maxpower we can see them on our system now :slight_smile: