First Month with Bulb, Just general enquiries!


I have just joined bulb, and just have some questions as it is different to other suppliers i have used,
I am coming up to my first statement, when I first made the account they took £72.03, it is now nearly the first month, and this is pending, will this be used to cover the costs for my first statement? Or will another payment of £72.03 be taken out on the 26th?

I have set up a direct debit, normally I would make the full payment for what I have used, but just confused how bulb runs as I like to keep my bill payments up to date every month whereas on the account settings, you put what payment you want to be taken out?
Also! my payments are to come out on the 26th of every month, when do I put in my meter readings?

Sorry! I like to be precise and keep on top of everything :slight_smile: and I am not use to the bulb layout as I use to pay for what I use rather than kinda off estimate!

Look forward to your help! Thanks :smiley:

Your direct debit is set at the same monthly amount to cover your estimated energy use over the whole year. The payment will be taken every month. This adds credit to your Bulb account and bills for your usage are deducted from this. If you supply meter readings a day or two before your payment/statement date, then these actual readings will be used in your billing.

Although you can change the direct debit amount yourself, it is set at a level to cover a year’s energy. So you will likely build up a credit balance in summer for higher usage in winter and everything evens out. 12 times your monthly payment should be relatively accurate in terms of your annual usage if you supplied yearly energy usage as part of your Bulb quote.

Bulb recommend submitting readings two or three days before the billing date. One day might be pushing it, and if the deadline is missed you’ll get an estimated bill.