First month

Why is my first bill so much?

@Mark82, your first bill is estimated from historical use at your property. If it’s quite a lot more than you’re actually likely to use in energy, you can reduce your direct debit payments for the second month and request a refund of credit back to your bank account if necessary.

@Mark82 - good question. Your first bill is indeed based on previous consumption patterns of this property. If you have just moved in, this is naturally not reflecting your habits - however, this will adjust very quickly once you’ve started submitting monthly meter reads and you’ll certainly be able to reduce your monthly payments as well. You’ll probably also be wondering why this is different from your quote - this is based on the average consumption for the things we asked you to fill in initially, so it’s also not precisely representative of your situation. Finally, if your bills remain unexpectedly off-the-chart, please get in touch with us directly so we can look at your connection and account right away.