First monthly bill

I joined Bulb at the end of January. Today I received two emails. One stating that the price of my energy was going up! The second stating that I had used X amount of energy this month and that my account was therefore X amount in debit. Nothing to worry about as it would not affect my current payments. All well and good but the wording of the email telling me how much energy I had used was of concern. At no point did it say that the figures were estimated. Leading me to wonder how they could possible know how much energy I had used. Upon further investigation I discovered that on the actual invoice they attached, it did say that the figures were estimated so why did they not mention that in the letter instead of stating it as if it were a known fact.

A small point perhaps but I think Bulb need to reassess the wording of their emails so we are aware at the outset of what is estimated and what is actual.

@Robolovsky I think you bring up a great point.

Just thinking out loud (almost for myself) – we need to make a merge tag based on if there are any estimated readings. If the merge tags returns ‘yes’ (ideally one merge tag for each fuel, actually), we say that ‘We estimate you’ve used…’ instead of writing ‘You’ve used…’

I’ve added this idea to our open roadmap here.