First payment direct debit

Due to switch this friday im on a direct debit smart meter. Ive not been told when my 1st direct debit will leave my bank or how much will be taken??

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When I joined Bulb I had an email about 10 days before my switch advising my direct debit payment date and the amount. Then about 2 or 3 days before my actual switch I received an email advising the same details.

On that basis you should have have received notification about 7 days ago, with the follow up up email I would think tomorrow (i.e Wednesday).

Direct debit will (should) be taken on your switch date, which will be 21 days from the date you started the switch. If that is this Friday, then you payment should be taken this Friday. As Allanr said you should have received at least two email notifications about this at some point.