First statement

My switch completed to bulb on 13th March. I’ve made some payments since then but haven’t received a statement so it looks like I’m in a great deal of credit (because nothing has yet been minused.) Can anyone enlighten me as to when I will get my first statement?

You should get a monthly statement emailed but it usually goes to the junk folder.
Try going in to your account as statements can be downloaded from there.


I have checked all email boxes and had nothing. Also checked online account and no statement has been put on there either. Just shows that I’m in a fair amount of credit because nothing has been taken

Might be worth contacting Bulb as they dont often come on this customer forum.

Hi @EmilyyMayy_ox,

Thanks for getting in touch, I’ve sent an email explaining how we’re going to fix this.

Essentially, we still haven’t received validation for your first electricity reading so we’re going to chase this up with a third party company. Just reply to my email if you’d like an update at any point.