First Time Homeowner .... Economy 7 ... Storage Heaters

Good Morning, having just bought our first house I have just opted to use Bulb for our electricity. The house is electricity only and i only realised after initially signing up to bulb that it is infact an Economy 7 meter installed. We have storage heaters and an Immersion tank (the immersion tank only provides hot water for the bathroom sink and kitchen sink as the shower is electric) I have just signed up for a standard tariff with Bulb but am wondering if I would be better getting onto the Eco 7 instead. We obviously want to be able to wash up throughout the day so it would be useful to have a tank of hot water at all times, and the heaters obviously will be turned on in the winter to heat through the early hours.

any help or advice appreciated


I’m 99% sure you’ll be better off on E7. I’m sure Bulb will happily change this for you.

@SteveG88 You are already on a 2 rate Economy 7 tariff with us :slight_smile: