First Time Renter - Submitted meter reading of another apartment for initial set-up. How to correct?


I’m renting for the first time in the UK. I have been advised by friends to switch energy providers as being on a temporary tariff would cost me much more. Hence I decided to switch to Bulb.

At the time of switching, I didn’t even know who the Energy provider was for the previous tenant. After switching, I received a bill from British Gas who happens to be the Energy Provider for the earlier tenant.
To my surprise, I noticed that the Electricity Meter Number referred to in the Bill from British Gas was different from the Meter I took reading from to provide Bulb the Initial Reading.

This mistake is because of incorrect information provided to me by my letting agent.

Please advise, how I can get the meter reading corrected with Bulb. or is it too late? Bulb has already deducted my first bill through auto debit.

Thanks & regards

@Vish I’ve emailled you to ask for a photo of the meter