FIT Account application

Hi all I’ve applied for new FIT Account with bulb and it’s been over 3 weeks with out any information from them, is this normal

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Hi @gareth.price01 I’m guessing from your post that this is a new FIT application and not a transfer of an existing FIT from another supplier?

When we transferred our FIT from SSE to Bulb, it took over 3 weeks to complete. Though Bulb communicated quite well, with an initial email regarding the transfer followed a couple of weeks later for a first PV meter reading.

But I would strongly recommend phoning Bulb (0300 30 30 635) rather than relying on these forums or emails for support. I think option 1 will get them to call you back, which has always worked for us. Also have your MCS certificate on hand.

Also, though I imagine you’ve checked, on your Bulb account (website) you should see the following, can’t remember off-hand how long it took for this to appear for us:

When I moved to Bulb I left my FIT account with my previous supplier (NPower) so there was no break in readings/payments. I hadn’t realised you could do this but luckily saw it on a thread on another site. This makes moving suppliers a lot easier.