FIT-how long to activate?

We’ve recently installed a solar panel and battery setup, and as so I’ve applied for the Feed in tariff. I had fun and games as the web page wasn’t working, nor the app, and it took numerous emails before Bulb accepted this, and so I applied via old fashioned mail. But that was two weeks ago, has anyone has any experience of this? And how long should I expect to wait, and more importantly , will they back date the exported Kw’s ( currently standing at over 100 kWh).

Oh, I’ve just read a few other posts on here, I won’t hold my breath. It seems I will be helping prop up the grid. Your welcome.

The Feed-In Tariff scheme closed to new participants in 2019.

It was replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee scheme (SEG), which is what I assume you’re talking about.

Bulb’s implementation of SEG is called “Export Payments”.

There are a number of eligibility requirements that have to be met in order to participate - full information can be found in Bulb’s Help pages (I can’t link to them for you).

Bulb will only pay for kWh exported after your signup is complete.

Thanks, I’ve read that elsewhere, but Bulb are calling it the “Feed-in-Tariff” again, and it has a new link on the app and the website. I also filled out a paper application a few weeks ago, so either someone at Bulb is having a bit of a laugh at me, or the tariff is working again.

Why would they stop it in the first place? The FIT was never a part of my financials when costing the pay back of my solar install, but it would be nice to get a couple of quid back a year.

The FiT scheme is still running, but only for those who started before 2019. As FiT contracts are generally for 20 or 25 years, it’ll be a long time before it ends completely (eg mine runs until 2037).

Large energy suppliers are obliged to support existing FiT participants (ie FiTs can be switched between suppliers, just as you can switch supplier for gas and electricity), so it may be that you’re bumping into that provision.

If you really have filled out paperwork or online forms that are for the FiT scheme, you aren’t going to get anywhere. And you’ll have more exported kWh for which you don’t get paid.

You need Export Payments. That is Bulb’s implementation of SEG, which is the successor to FiTs. Go the the Bulb help pages, find the page about Export Payments, and it has a link to the right place in your Bulb Account.

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Thanks, you clearly have more knowledge of this than anyone I’ve spoken to at Bulb. I stated right from the start I have a new installation, but maybe they were more caught up in the fact the web links weren’t working. I’m on holiday at the moment, I’ll try again when I get home. Thank you again.