FiT Payments and Changing Supplier

I am moving my electricity supply away from Bulb as their prices are no longer competitive. Bulb also handles my Feed-in-tariff payments. I am perfectly happy to keep this with Bulb as their system works well, will I be forced to move that away as well? (I would ask by email but Bulb seems to have stopped replying to emails altogether.)

FiT arrangements have always been entirely independent of your energy supply, so I’d say no.

Well I hope that is the case, I know it is for the “big six” but as Bulb isn’t quite one of them I thought I’d check.

Hi @Pottager, we’re sorry to hear that you’re leaving but @stevefoster is indeed correct that you’ll still be able to keep your FIT with us. Although the main section of your Bulb account will close, you’ll still be able to access the FIT section so you won’t need to switch that away :+1:

Lou :stars:

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Thanks Lou, that’s very helpful.