Is the price fix with Bulb or does it changes every so often?

Has anyone moved from EDF to bulb and find the switch smooth

Bulb only have a single tariff and it’s a variable one - so it does change every so often. Last year (before I was member/customer), they actually decreased prices twice - and this year they are putting prices up in late April (to still lower than they were before the start of last year). They’ve pledged to give customers 60 days notice of any price increases and they also don’t charge exit fees - so, if at any point, you are unhappy with Bulb because of a price rise (or any other reason), you’ve got two months in which to move to someone else without charge [the “big six” tend to only give 30 days notice and quite a lot of them also have hefty exit fees].

I’ve not moved from EDF (I moved from Bristol Energy) and the smooth was, admittedly, a bit rough - mainly, from what I can tell, due to Bristol Energy (Bristol had refused to accept gas readings for a year as I used less gas than they estimated and then insisted on using their estimate for my closing figures: after not producing bills for 6 months and a whole host of other problems). Bulb got it all sorted in the end though.

Talking of moving providers and exit fees: If you are moving from EDF and they charge you an exit fee - Bulb will actually pay that for you (see ).

Typically, an energy company has a range of time-limited fixed price tariffs, and a default expensive SVT (standard variable tariff).
Bulb have no fixed deals, just one variable tariff - Vari-Fair - which aims to be consistently competitive. It follows the energy market more than most, and in the 2½ years of Bulb’s existence there have been more price reductions than rises.

I have no experience of EDF.

@Rookey I don’t have much to add to @198kHz and @RichyB’s answers except to emphasise that we have only one tariff, and it is variable, as @198kHz wrote.