Fixed rate offers

Hi, asking as I’m unaware but I’ve had emails from moneysavingexpert energy forum stating rates are about to increase and I should switch to a fixed rate. Some are quoting they can save me +£ per year compared to bulb. I’m not convinced this is the case but looking for some guidance if this is realistic or just a projection which doesn’t actually know my usage etc.
Thanks in advance

From the 21st March Bulb are reducing their gas prices.

I seen the email scudo, but the quotes I got last week were under £1k per year vs £1450 with bulb, I wasn’t convinced so stayed here. Not seeing the same quotes now though.

I just done a price check and at best after Bulb reduce this month the best I could find was a saving of £20 (fixed) and with rates coming down that could be a bad move, Some others maybe save £10 a year. Scottish Power would cost me an extra £188.

Yes scudo same for me this week but when I received the emails on 21st feb octopus and green energy were quoting £960 per year but I wasn’t convinced or prepared to switch.

I dont trust those emails …sending them out knowing Bulb are having a decrease so try and capture customers before it comes down. OR when a price goes up send out quotes before the rest put their prices up so some look cheaper.
I think in reality one has to do some homework and not just rely on the switch companies YES what they are quoting maybe correct on that day but they are on a commission for each switch so wont take in to account that the cheaper one they switch you to may have a price rise 2 weeks later. Technically they are correct but you have to be careful.