Flashing image.

I hope this gets through to you quickly. Reference my DD reminder. This contains a flashing image. Can I point out how DANGEROUS this is to someone suffering from Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE).

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your comment and bringing this to our attention I am really sorry this has caused concern and take this point very seriously.

I am an illustrator at Bulb and have been working this year on creating new styles and visuals for our communication. We have reached out to some epilepsy charities to receive some better training, consultation and understanding of the implications of animated content and sensitivity.

Moving forward we are looking to test all our existing animations to be sure they will pass the recommended guidelines and to avoid triggering epileptic fits. We will also be adding these guidelines to our internal accessibility documentation and reviewing all illustrations to ensure they pass the tests.

At Bulb, we’re committed to make all our websites WCAG 2.0 AA compliant and always looking to improve our content to make it accessible to people with disabilities.

Our accessibility page

We also have a blogpost.

Your input here has been really helpful, and if you have any other feedback please do let us know. I will be posting on our more information about the process and decision making behind changing our illustration style this year soon and would love to share and hear any more feedback you may have on this.

Thanks again,


Whilst I can’t say I’ve seen any actual flashing pictures, and the style is quite attractive, the animations are often quite “busy” and repetitive with a framerate and loop frequency that could maybe be a problem in some cases, especially with the high contrast colours and edges?

Maybe keep them but have one of the signup questions be “email style: plain text [] graphical (may include flashing or rapidly looping animated images) []”, something like that?


I’m really pleased to say that we have had a response from Epilepsy Action with an approval that our animated content is safe for viewing. They have advised for future reference;

‘We ask content developers to make sure their GIFs don’t change more than 3 times a second. But the other factors that can increase the risk is how much of the image is changing and how much of the person’s field of vision is taken up with the changes. So a GIF that was to be shown full screen and featured the full-screen changing from, say, black to white to red over and over again would be a risk.’

Thanks for your feedback and input @MarkP. We will continue to look for member feedback in the future to seek preferences and options over illustrative and moving image content. Our member’s experience and comfort is really important to us.

If you have any further feedback in the future I am all ears to hear it and take on board.