Flickering in whole house- linked to Smart meter installation?

wanted to check if what I am thinking is right.
is it possible that when i moved to smart meter in August, that work might have resulted in some loose connections by electricians who came to change meter? asking because ever since i have noticed lot of flickering in all light bulbs. i have tried to isolated rooms and/or plug points by switching them on and off but flickering still happens. i suspect it could be meter installation where the main power cable enters my house… i am sure no electrician would like to touch that thing… plus they charge lot of money too which i am fine to pay but not because bulb guys got the connection loose.

Also, my neighbours don’t experience any fluctuation

should i raise it with bulb and ask them to check?
what do you suggest?


Hi Shailja, thanks for posting on community. :wave:

So it’s unlikely that any issues are directly caused by the new meter, and it won’t be a “loose connection.” However, whenever a new meter is installed there is always a small surge of electricity which can highlight flaws or wiring issues in older electrical systems.

Our engineers are only licensed to deal with the installation of the meters themselves so they wouldn’t be able to look into any issues beyond that. I would recommend getting in touch with an electrician to check and provide a report. If they do provide detail in their report which shows that the installation was completed incorrectly or the meter is faulty, we can reimburse up to £120.

All the best - Miriam :electric_plug: