flyers for Friday!?

My daughters are taking part in the school climate strike this Friday. I feel like it would be great if they could do something positive with that time in addition to making their voices heard, and I was wondering about handing out flyers about changing energy provider. They go to a diverse London school and I bet the message hasn’t reached everyone yet. Is there any way of getting some printed material from Bulb that we can hand out?

I’m not sure about this. I asked bulb about merchandise and they said they didn’t want to cause the environmental impact of printing and distribution of the material.

Hence the same reason you can’t normally get printed statements from bulb.

Update on this:

We spoke about this via email.

Unfortunately, we were unable to provide flyers at short notice. And as you say @FromTheValleys, we try to be an environmentally friendly as possible so don’t print unless we REALLY need to.

But it’s so great to hear your daughters are getting involved in the marches today - let us know how it goes!