Did you check out:

@Clooney I can’t see that there is any credit on your account, could you let me know what your address is if you direct message me on here?

Good evening, can I have my credit back please?

Well it’s strange because I was £160 in credit then I paid £80 and bill came to £71 and now im only in £1 of credit? 160+80-71 leaves £169 not £1???


Purely an observation and not directed at anyone.

When I had the same sort of query with my prevision suppliers I would have contacted them direct via email so that I had written details of our discussion. I’m not even sure if they had a community type forum.

By the same token if I want a refund or have any other account issues with my Bulb account I would contact Bulb direct via email. No way would I post personal details on an open forum.

@Alessio I’ve sent back your credit on the last statement to your direct debit.

@Clooney Hmm, I can’t see these numbers that you’re referring to. Dropping an email with your address and the query to would be the best way to progress this so that we can explain what’s happened on the account.