For best accuracy how regular should meter readings be?

Hi All,

So I wanted to quiz the team on this statement on the “My usage” page:
“Submitting regular meter reads is the best way to get accurate predictions.”

The maths brain in me would like to know what is the best frequency for this to help model accurate results. Currently I believe we have to submit a reading once a month but is this enough to produce a greater degree of accuracy? (assuming submitted on the same day each month?)

Adding daily readings could be seen as most accurate but this also seems most long winded and unnessasarily granular for it’s purpose. My previous energy provider also limited meter readings to upto 4 per month (about once a week).

So what is considered best? Daily/Weekly/Fornightly/Monthly?

Curious to know,

@mark7726 Monthly is best! It would be an unnecessary hassle to take readings more frequently than that compared to the increase in accuracy that you would get, but if you are interested in the most accurate billing you can get, by all means give us readings more frequently!

We are looking forward to the 2nd generation of smart meters that we will install that will give us the option to get a reading whenever we like, as well as ironing some of the flaws in the 1st generation.