For those of you who may have broadband contract ending soon

Good idea - I must have 3 or 4 in a drawer somewhere. R-

Insomniacs of the wold unite

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Suppose if they allowed home users to buy a decent router of their own it would mitigate the problem to some degree.
Then it can stay with you as you move broadband too.

you are quite entitled to buy your own router if you wish and connect it to your supplier
The point of the story is that if BT do it others will probably start jumping on the bandwagon

Moat suppliers, bt and sky included force your outside gateway to be their own routers. It’s un the terms and conditions.

Don’t know about BT but Sky removed the requirement to use their router quite some time ago, it’s no longer in the terms and conditions. That said, they don’t make it easy and the second you have any problems they’ll refuse to help you unless you can demonstrate the problem via their own box.

To draw this discussion out a bit, because it’s a wet, boring Sunday afternoon and I have nothing better to do but to bore the A & E off someone, Plusnet offer you the choice of yours or theirs, not sure about Virgin as you would need fibre optic compatible router/modem

I was mistaken about sky.

Just as well, as theirs are carp. :unamused:

Is that ornamental koi or bog standard lake carp?
I think they use BT hub which I’m led to believe is pretty mince

Aye, AFAIK their current ISP supplied router is a re-badged Hub 5 Type A.
As with previous offerings, the WiFi is not good and it’s generally flaky.
I’ve always used S/H routers from a friend who passed them on when he upgraded, or S/H from eBay. Last 2½ years using a rock solid Billion 8800NL.

I use my ISP’s bog standard “super” router which TBF is pretty good
But because it’s in a different room to my LP i use google mesh, other brands are available,this brings my WIFI speed pretty close to Ethernet speed

Have to say I’ve never had any problems with the BT suppplied hub. R-

Think it’s swings and roundabouts you either get a goodun or you don’t, but from the reviews I’ve read their pretty agricultural at best