Forum emojis not always working

Not really important, just thought I’d point it out.

Some emojis never show up for me, some do.
They show up as a broken image.
If I right click and open image in new tab, I sometimes get a “your connection is not secure” message on chrome (I’m guessing the https side of where they’re hosted isn’t set up properly).
Once I tell chrome to proceed, it redirects to a Google api login page -


Some screenshots of how the emojis appear:

Maybe it’s because some of the emojis are still linking to a test community site?
These work (pointing to

These don’t work (pointing to

I’ve noticed the same happen when someone quotes me, and my avatar in the quote is a broken image, that points to here:

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I use Microsoft Edge and they don’t show up there either.

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I think someone needs to flip a configuration switch to make all the emoji and avatar references relative instead of absolute.

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Hi @ryan4257, @SkylineUK and @stevefoster.

The issue with the emojis is a known bug with Discourse, our Community platform. We’ve raised a ticket highlighting the issue with them, as I certainly want it sorted too! Hopefully we’ll get an update from them soon - keep your eyes peeled (insert eyes emoji).

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