Fraud on account and bulb won't address it

Has anyone had bulb not bill you for a year then bill you for some other person then put you into debt by taking payments from your account then when you approach them send you to their inhouse debt collecting help to help you budget and arrange a payment plan for money I dont owe,then deny you your whd because your account is in someone elses name so you cannot access the application to apply.
Then to top the lot not get back to you after weeks and am still waiting for a call back Im fed u of trying to make contact but with no response

Hi @Grantz,

I’m really sorry for the issues you’ve had. I can see my colleague Jon is putting together a response to your emails now - as its quite a complex case, we’re taking a little longer to ensure we get everything right. You should hear from them soon.


No solution at all
Robbed blind
Want it took to deadlock
enough is enough
going to the ombudsman with this now
how dare you bill me from may 18 when i was all paid up and in credit in dec 19 and recieving monthly bills up to then
then you discard all my previous payments and bills and credit and charge me from may 18 until mar 21
Absolutly totally disgraceful underhanded fraudulant company
please make contact with me
mr grant