Fraudulent Bill

I forwarded by meter readings to Bulb on 29/03/22 and received an acknowledgement same day.
They produce an estmated reading which was LOWER than the readings they had three days before. This resulted in a DELIBERATE OVERCHARGE of £3.30. As we all know they are more than capable of estimating a reading accurately. I read my meter at midinght 31st March and the discrepancy was 69 & 21 units (Economy7) this amounts to a total of £8.44. Multiply this by the number of sensible customers who do not have Smart Meters. Mind you, with their cheek. it’s probably all of us. CHECK YOUR BILL!

I’m not sure how Bulb calculate estimates at the date of a price change but it’s possible you submitted readings just a day or two early. It might work the same as regular billing, in that readings which aren’t supplied in the day or two before the statement date are ignored.

If you give them your readings from the 31st March they’ll add them to your account and your bill will be revised.

I’m all for giving folks the benefit of the doubt but there is none. You’re obviously a lot more trusting than I am. Any estimate manual or auto, would be based on the most recent previous reading. Why, I wonder, does my May Statement show those readings were submitted a week later on the 5th April. I left OVO to get away from this sort of nonsense. Another company that was absolutely brilliant when whey started out. Bulb were also about to take £235 DD at the beginning of May, when I already had a balance big enough to cover April & May without out it. So I cancelled the Direct Debit.

Hi @armshead :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch and I am sorry for the confusion this has caused I know it is frustrating.

I have had a look over your account and I cannot see that those readings were added. I have added in the reads for the 31st March (the last day before the price change). I have made sure they are added in, reversioned your statement and sent it out to you. If you have a look over this you will see that those readings are included.

Let me know if you have any further questions down below :point_down:


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