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a few weeks ago bulb sent me an email to see if i wanted a smart meter and an installation day was arranged… the engineer came and explained that he couldnt fit the meters due to being insufficient room in my external meter box and that i would have to have another box fitted, which i did…so yesterday (9th Dec) having told bulb that i had completed the work which i was asked to do, at my own expense and having taken MORE time off work to be there, the engineer came again and suprise suprise he said he couldnt fit the meters because A. he wasnt allowed to drill the box. B. he didn’t have the correct tools or outdoor equipment to do the the installation (ON AN OUTDOOR METER CUPBOARD) what is that all about!! … I was told to have a separate box fitted, which i did, at no time was there ever any mention that i would have to drill it myself, or fit trunking etc etc, what a shower of amateurs, they’re supposed to be electrical engineers, what a joke…to add insult to injury when i spoke to a bulB advisor on chat, he told me i would have to keep my old meters , and that he would send me an email to enable me to complain and then cut cut me off mid sentence …HOW RUDE!! and by the way he never sent me any such email… what sort of company are you running here? AND NOW WHAT???

Official complaint form at the bottom of this page

Hi @gazndale

We are sorry that the smart meter installation has caused stress and that you have received poor service.

It sounds like you already have an open complaint so I recommend updating the complaint with anything else you would like to add.

If you do not have an open complaints please email to open one.