Free Smartthings Hub

Hi There,

I am an existing Bulb customer, and i’m interesting in adopting Smartthings. I joined just before the offer to get a free hub and sockets. Is there any chance of Bulb supplying them, if so how? I could happily re-contract.

The offer is available only to customers that sign up via the Samsung referral. Essentially what happens is that the 2x£50 that you and a friend would have received via the referral system instead goes to Samsung, and this is what pays for your “free” hub and sockets. Since you’ve already received your £100 offer, you don’t get the gadgets as well.

You’ll just have to buy the hub and sockets yourself using the money you’ve already received for your referral. If you didn’t use a referral, then you’ve simply missed out on the free money, sorry.

As you’re aware, having read all the necessary terms and conditions before becoming a Bulb customer, there is no minimum term and no concept of a “re-contract”.

Thanks. Although I don’t recall getting £100

You either got nothing because you didn’t use a referral code, or you and a friend shared £100 via £50 each. Either way, there is no longer £100 available to pay Samsung for the gadgets.

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