Free smartthings with new account

hi there was a deal to signup to bulb and get a free smartthings hub and 2 free smartplugs, the changeover has just happened and had no information about this free offer, does anyone have any info on this and how it works or what I need to do to get the free items.

I signed up,via the link here:-
and then I sent an e-mail to Samsung,they responded here:-
"My apologies for the delayed response, we’ve been rather busy recently, but we’re working as fast as we can to get back to you.

The way the Bulb/SmartThings deal will work is that when a customer signs up to Bulb via the advertised deal link, their switch journey will start which will take roughly 5 weeks, this is when the redemption code is sent out to customers. So to clarify, roughly 10 days after your switch is complete you should receive an automatic email with your redemption code.

I hope that explains thing well enough and I hope you have a great week!

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SmartThings Advisor"
I hope this helps,my switch was on the 8th. on January,and my SMETS2 meters and the Chameleon IHD6 with the CAD access is going to be installed on the 4th. of February,I have had excellent service via the live chat,and the live text chat,and via e-mail,and via an Energy Manager called Matt F. I was with my previous enegy company,Yorkshire Electricity Board,Yorkshire Electricity (privatised),nPower,RWE,and now called EoN since 1977,they actually installed my SMETS1 stuff and in home display as a trial in 2010,I was constantly asking for SMETS2 stuff,they actually said they have NO RECORD of the meters they installed in 2010,so now they have LOST me after 42 years,maybe bulb will be better,it ALL is GOOD so far,Good Luck getting your smartthings for £1.00GBP,instead of the £149.00GBP,RSVP,Regards,Ray

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I find arguments like this to be very odd. So you’ve had presumably no troubles at all for 42 years, and yet at the first problem you jump ship? No wonder companies don’t offer anything for customer loyalty any more.

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I got an email - from Samsung - about 9 days after my switch completed - (which was exactly 21 days after I signed up to Bulb). The email had a voucher code which you go to to redeem and the stuff arrived the next day…

You need to look out for that email from Samsung though (mine went into the Clutter folder initially)