Frequency of bills

How often should I get a bill, last was Dec 2018… Do I have to leave to get one?

Monthly. What did Bulb say when you contacted them about missing statements? I presume this isn’t the first query after nearly 7 months?

Presumed wrong I’m afraid. I’ll make contact. Hope their customer service is ok, this’ll be the test.

Presumed wrong I'm afraid. I'll make contact. Hope their customer service is ok, this'll be the test.

Well, they’re already failed in customer service haven’t they? You’d hope that after 7 months of a statement job trying to run and failing, that their systems would have automatically flagged an issue and raised it for a human to look at, so that the problem would get fixed before you even ask about it. How has this gone on for so long without anyone at Bulb apparently even noticing!?!

Hi @636,

I’ve just had a look at your account and got the bills going for you. You should now see your correct balance. If you do have any further queries then just get in touch and we’ll help explain things for you.

@Hooloovoo Things can get missed out sometimes and I’m sorry that it did here, we occasionally need a little nudge when a member notices something and as soon as we’re aware we’ll always move as quickly as we possible to resolve the issue.