Frequency of meter readings

mybulb says that I will be able to send meter readings from 21 August, presumably before the switch completes

If I send a meter reading on that date, will I have to send another in reply to your “switch complete” email?

How frequently can I send meter readings? I’d love to send them on the last day of each month, but that’s going to mess up August, isn’t it?

Hi @andrew8346. You can submit a meter reading up to 5 days before the switch date. This is the reading we will use on the switch date to close your account with your old supplier and open your account with us. You won’t have to submit another one if you do it early. You will still get the email reminders though, so please do ignore them :slight_smile:

If you could please submit meter readings every month, a couple of days before your statement is due. So on the 24th please. This ensures your statement is as accurate as possible. You can submit them at the end of August, they just won’t be used on your bill until the following month.