Frequency of meter readings

Hi, I recently joined Bulb and was under the impression they wanted meter readings every month and that more frequently would be a good idea. But I sent them readings (gas & elec) yesterday and received emails saying that I needn’t send them again for three months. Can someone unconfuse me? Thanks.

@metermaid (Rita, perchance? :wink: )
It’s true that Bulb’s T&Cs stipulate that readings are required at least every 90 days, but…
To get accurate billing on your monthly statement rather than an estimate, you need to submit readings two or three days before the billing date.
Perhaps their wording could be improved.

HI @metermaid as @198kHz says we’d like some readings at least once every three months, but if you’d like all your bills to be accurate then you can input them every month, a day or two before your bill/payment comes out. Possibly we could word that a little better on our responses!

Thank you, both.
David, as mentioned, I have just joined and sent my first readings through last Thursday. After getting the ‘3 months’ email, and after posting here, I got a ‘payment reminder’ email which said ‘If you’d like us to calculate your monthly statement using your actual usage, send us a meter reading today or tomorrow. No worries if you can’t, we’ll use an estimated reading instead’. Is this just automatic, as I have already sent readings?

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Maybe the wrong place, could the app record our meter readings when we submit something so we can view them between bill statements.
I don’t want to click on submit a reading to check what the last received on system is.
Just trying to guage the effect of the solar PV and battery on system.

@metermaid Hey. Yeah, you’re right, this email is automatic. It will send every month before your payment. We invite people to submit readings as part of this email as it helps line up their readings with their bill.

@SunPoweredDoc Interesting idea. The website has this facility, to browse meter readings, agreed this could be better in the app:

Well, despite sending the readings five days before the statement was produced, it was produced based on estimates. Don’t really get that, but I have to say that the estimates were really spot-on.

Were you asked by Bulb to submit a meter reading as part of their monthly statement production? If you submitted the reading before you received the email I’m guessing Bulb have estimated your reading by adding on a couple of extra days equivalent to the period when you submitted your reading and ideally when it should have been submitted (i.e. when requested via their email).

Hi @metermaid you should see the manual readings on the bill followed by the estimates five days later. You need to wait for the reminder email to come out before submitting for the manual readings to go straight into your bill.

When I submit gas reading it appears on the site usage in about 2 minutes . When I put the electrical reading it doesn’t seem to appear last time I had to phone it in to appear. Im not sure if because it is so much lower than the estimate because of the Tesla powerwall or because it is a split reading from previous dual reading tariff …ps this isn’t a option on the app

Hi @SunPoweredDoc that does sound like your reading might be getting stuck if it’s too low. Hopefully, this should stop as we get more information for your usage.

Hi guys. I’ve submitted a couple of sets of readings for my electric last week via the app and the website . Each is followed by a response email thanking for the reading but none have appeared on my account in the usage . Tried the gas to check and straight away appears in my account


Just a thought is the electric reading you are currently trying to submit lower than the most recent reading showing in your account usage?

@SunPoweredDoc The error appears to be from us expecting usage for your offpeak register, but this doesn’t increase.

We’ve now amended our system to show that you don’t use any electricity on that register, so it should hopefully allow the readings to go through as normal, now.

Thanks I’ll send some readings to test it

Reading added yesterday . Gas - instant appear
Electric - not yet

Is there any way to change it as I have a total reading on the meter to a single reading in BULB app or online?