Friend referral page not working

Ive just switched and the refer a friend page come up, I put my name after the referral bit and tried to save it but nothing is happening.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @laurenc_28, sorry to hear that you’re having a bit of confusion with the friend referral. Just to clarify, are you trying to use a referral link from a friend or are you trying to set one up? If it’s the former, you will need to have gone through your friend’s link to sign up to us. If you haven’t, don’t worry, just send me a direct message with the referral link you wanted to use and I’ll help sort it all out :).

For the latter, you can just send your friends the link you set up for them to sign up through to be referred.

Thank you but I think I’ve done it now

Ok perfect, if you ever need any clarification don’t hesitate to get back in touch!