Friend referral

I signed up today as a friend sent me a link to join.
But as I am not very good with computers I did not follow the link but used the main website to sign up.
She has explained that I should have followed the link to get the £50 referral for herself and me.
Can I change this now?

The Bulb team most likely will be able to sort this out for you when they are back in the office on Monday.

You could however cancel your switch to Bulb and then rejoin via your friend’s link.

Please see Cancelling your switch to Bulb – Bulb

Hi @jowalsh20

Looks like you’ve decided not to switch to us after all. Was there a reason that you decided to withdraw your switch?

I would have been happy to credit the £50 to both your accounts so long as you’re both a member on the switch date and you have not switched to us through a price comparison website.

Let me know if I can do anything to help.