Frustrations with wrong bills, mixed up readings

I am writing on top of an email sent on Sept 10th, when I noticed yet another wrong bill being generated for my account. This has been 8 bill corrections issued on my account since joining in Feb 2018! I have an Economy 7 meter and it seems every fews times I submit the meter reading online, even if I follow the same sequence in which readings are shown, the readings gets mixed up. Since last few weeks I stopped online updates; instead sent readings on email with acknowledgement on its appropriate mapping to day/night readings. However, in spite of all email confirmations, Sept 10th bill also had day and night readings wrongly mapped. And I received a very indifferent response from the agent, suggesting a lack of understanding of the issue nor an appreciation of my frustrations! I had marked customer complaints team as well on Sept 10th email. Yet to get any acknowledgments from that team - not sure you wait for the SLA of 5 days before acknowledging complaints.
Hope you can check why there is an error in the Sept bill and get it fixed. And find out why this problem is recurring for me.
Thanks, Salil

Hi @salil_kh

Thanks for your comments. I can see that there have been ongoing issues regarding your E7 readings.

As your rate 1 and 2 readings are similar, they were inconsistently entered leading to confusing and incorrect billing.

Your most recent statement for the period 10 August 2018 to 09 September 2018 has been sent. We had to use estimates as we did not have meter readings close enough to the day your statements are sent.

The estimates look consistent with your latest readings but let me know if you think they are incorrect.

I am sorry that this issue was ongoing and has caused so much frustration.

Could you let me know who you submitted your complaint to and I’ll make sure we get a response to you ASAP.


Thanks Eleanor for the quick reply. The issue in Sept 10th bill is simple. The R1 (with a reading of 6422) is wrongly mapped to day time readings, while it should be night. And R2 (with a reading of 5228) is wrongly mapped to night, while it should be day. So in summary, my bill shows 3 times the bill amount (without including the standing charges), considering the day rates are circa 3 times that of night rates. I am not challenging the meter reading estimates - they are in line with the previous readings. I have explained this in my email to Ben (with copy to, which Ben responded to - which means he has seen the evidences I have sent showing the wrong mapping of readings.

For clarity purposes, R1 is active between 02:30am to 08:30am ( which I consider to be night which should be mapped to lower rate). R2 is active between 08:31am and 02:29am (which I consider to be day, which should be mapped to the higher rate). I had given evidences of the meter to time mapping (through a series of time-stamped meter reading photographs), way back in April/May when this confusion first occurred. The Sept 10th bill has this mapping in the reverse.

Hope you can check and confirm. And please treat this complaint as open.


Heya @salil_kh. I can see that your complaint is still open. Ben will reply to your email to get things sorted for you.

If it’s the case that the meter readings are the wrong way around, we’ll be able to get them changed over.

I’ve passed your above message over to Ben too.

Hi Eleanor, I got an acknowledgment from Ben on the issue on Sept 18th. However, my bill is yet to be fixed. And I don’t have an ETA on when it will be fixed. Hope you can find out where it is stuck. I am keen to see this issue resolved and my readings set up in the correct way!
Thanks, Salil

Hi @salil_kh that does sound annoying, I’ve messaged Ben asking him to get back to you today or tomorrow , hopefully we’ll be able to get this sorted for you then

Hi Dan, I am yet to receive a correct bill, while I had received a further update from Ben on Sept 27th stating that he and his supervisor are reviewing my case. However, to my surprise and further annoyance, I got another wrong bill today. I notice that this bill have an estimated meter reading of 7160 for R2 (day) and 7222 for R1 (night)! This is in spite of I sending an updated reading of R2 - 05244 and R2 - 06626 (on Sept 27th which was acknowledged by Bill on the same day). How can someone send me such a wrong bill, when there is a review underway on my account, and that too with an estimated reading out of the range when there is actual reading submitted on Sept 27th! I feel the system is very broken! I sincerely hope this issue gets resolved in the near future! Can you please provide an ETA when I can get the correct bill?


You need to edit your most recent post to avoid possible confusion, currently it says “This is in spite of I sending an updated reading of R2 - 05244 and R2 - 06626 (on Sept 27th)” as you will notice there are two readings for R2.

Thanks Allanr.

The readings on September 27th were:
R1 - 06626
R2 - 05244

Regards Salil

HI there @salil_kh thanks for getting in touch, Ben’s going to drop you another email today with the details but essentially we’re currently waiting on your final readings to come through so that we can get your final bill out to you-hopefully they’ll be through soon but it can take up to about 6 weeks for last reads to be processed and the final bill sent out. I believe that the estimated bill you received was just an interim one-you can ignore it.