Full IHD full/factory reset

How do i fully reset my IHD6?

If I use the inbuilt menu ''Clear Settings and Data"" it is not totally removing all information. I know this as:

  • If I re-select my wifi network it will connect without me having to enter the password
  • The úsage now’ screen initially attempts to show only electricity, before its made a connection to the comms hub (I have a longer term problem of getting no gas data in the IHD so that state seems to persist)

(I’ve also tried running the battery flat to a point where the unit doesn’t switch on - but it still retains the above.)

I’d have thought from a legal perspective the Chameleon IHD should allow a user to remove all data, passwords in particular, let alone the technical issues it could cause.

So, is there a hidden key combination or such that forces a ‘return to factory’ mode that fully erases user data?

Hi @Pluto :wave:

Could you try pressing and holding the power button on the IHD for 15 seconds. The IHD will completely reset and it takes about 48 hours to completely reconnect. Make sure the IHD is plugged in and close to the electricity meter and connected to Wifi.

Let me know how you get on with that :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Meg, I’ve tried that before and again just now, itis just seems to be a soft reset.

It doesn’t restore to factory settings, I don’t even need to select a wifi network, it all automatically reconnects using my saved password etc.

I’m after something that fully erases it back to out-of-box status. Open to other suggestions…

Hi @Pluto :wave:

The other option is this, but you may have already tried it…

  • Unplug the IHD and let it run completely out of power
  • Restart the IHD using the button at the back, making sure it is still unplugged
  • The emergency power reserve will need to drain also, so let this happen
  • Try to restart the IHD again. If it turns on, it still has power that needs to drain so let it run down
  • Once the IHD cannot turn on any more, recharge it and turn it on

Let me know how you get on with this.

Either way, I’ve raised it with our smart team so if this doesn’t work they should be able to provide an alternative option.

– Meg :bulb:

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Yep, tried that several times. Total power down and restart, it still has my WiFi password and fails to show gas meter connection.

Perhaps it needs to be decommissioned and recommissioned, which I understand you can do remotely via a back office tool referencing its GUID.

Hi @Pluto :wave:

The smart team have said that the IHD shouldn’t store any data other than the display.

If it gets sent back to Bulb then it’d be wiped when it next gets paired up with new smart meters.

Why was it you needed it to be wiped?

– Meg :bulb: