Fully Charged Live?

I’m thinking about going to Fully Charged Live next weekend. Anyone here been to a previous one? Is it worth going? And if so, for all of it, or is 1 day enough?

Hi @stevefoster :wave:

Did you attend Fully Charged Live? If so how was it were there any points of interest?

Please share any below here I’m sure there are some members who would be keen to hear!

Luke :bulb:

Yes, I did go.

I’ve never seen so many EVs of such variety in one place at once (and that was just the car park on the way in!).

There were lots of new and “coming soon” models of EV on display, and lots available to test drive. And not just top end models from the likes of Genesis, but also the budget end with the Ora Cat there.

Then there were the retrofit/modifier stands, showing off converted ICE cars, and the kits used.

The commercial vehicles displayed were interesting too, and shows that there’s scope to wave bye-bye to diesel sooner rather than later, if fleet operators are willing to try.

More diversity as well, with an electric tractor, and an electric aeroplane (private plane sized) on show too.

The domestic charger market has gone crazy - there were at least a dozen stands showcasing home chargers from makes I’ve never heard of before, as well as lots of better-known makes and models.

Lots of stands on decarbonising heat (heat pumps, electric boilers, etc.), and a “home energy advice team” stand provided by the organisers with experts available to help householders plan/prioritise what to do next.

And there were a whole host of informative presentations (half-hour long), led by the Fully Charged presenters with panels drawn from a mix of industry, academia, and YouTube/social media “channel experts”. Some were a bit general, of course, but overall, very useful.

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