Fuming bulb are awful

I can’t find my key anywhere I always keep it in the same place but I can’t find it today I have £0.46 on my meter what am I supposed to do when they are shut !! Biggest mistake I ever made transferring to bulb I can’t believe that there’s no1 working over the weekend


It says to ring on Monday !! I can’t believe they don’t have any procedures in place to deal with these issues !! It’s an absolute joke

It also gives an emergency email address to contact, stating if you send an email to ​emergency@bulb.co.uk between the hours of 9am and 6pm they will reply within 4 hours on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Hi @jwcreed welcome to the community. If you email emergency@bulb.co.uk we will be able to help.

James W

This company are a complete and absolute joke I regret the day I transferred to you, I cannot wait to transfer away from you and go with a company that actually understand customer service and work realistic hours.

Been trying to resolve this issue since Saturday and still after 5 conversations with separate call centre advisors and still no resolution.

Your joke of a company have left a vulnerable person who’s disabled currently receiving chemotherapy without electricity again. You have me running to 4 different shops that are not close to me that don’t carry any of keys then not been given the correct information constantly having to call back then being lied to by the last advisor absolutely ridiculous I’m surprised you have any customers at all if this is the way you treat new customers.

Absolutely shocking

I have emailed you twice and still no response!! This company gets worse

I couldn’t in any good conscience recommend Bulb to a customer with prepayment meters, for exactly the reasons you describe. Ultimately the best solution is to get off the horror of prepayment meters completely. Have you considered getting the meters replaced with standard pay monthly meters? Not by Bulb obviously, as they’ll charge you £120, but many of the bigger suppliers will do the work for free.

I wouldn’t want to be messing about topping up meters in your situation.

Hi @jwcreed, thank you for your comments and for informing us of your situation. I can see that you have been communicating with Bulb about this and you have an open complaint, if you would like anyone to give you a call to discuss this then please let them know in the email and one of the team will call you as soon as possible.

I am really sorry you haven’t been having a good experience with Bulb. We do have staff replying to emails on Saturdays, and they know to look for any emergencies and will be able to sort them out straight away. However, if you call us out of hours we do have an emergency line that you get put through to, which will be able to help you in the future.

All the best,