Futile Attempt to get a meter fitted by Bulb

It’s been nearly nine weeks since I first contacted Bulb regarding fitting a meter in a new build property and not only do I not yet have a meter, I don’t even have a solution or date for fitting a meter. Bulb’s constant lack of action and communication is infuriating. Every time I call the helpline I speak to someone different and I’m told something different, and my emails to the help mail box are ignored. Bulb won’t be wining any awards for customer service from me….

Hi @UnhappyCustomer1 and welcome to Community :wave: I’m sorry it’s not on better terms though.

I can see that you’ve spoken to a colleague today and they’ve passed the message on that if we don’t get an update by tomorrow then we should let you know so you can switch to a different supplier. I understand you also spoke to someone else 5 days ago about getting it booked in. I’ve just spoken to them and they said they’re getting it sorted now and will drop you an email with an update.

Either way, it should be getting sorted for you, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long. If you’re still in a similar situation in a few days please let me know so I help with the booking.

All the best,

Well after months of waiting, it seems that fitting our meter is in the “too difficult” box for Bulb to deal with so they have decided to release the MPAN so I can go to another provider who can help… why didn’t they tell me this weeks ago… in fact why didn’t they tell me this at all, and yet again waited for me to contact them. If they couldn’t help why not tell me at the outset, as I could of signed up to another provider and could have a power supply by now… instead I am now back at the beginning of the game in the farcical game of snakes and ladders….

Hey @UnhappyCustomer1

I’m glad to hear there was an outcome though am disappointed to know we couldn’t help you in the end. Sometimes we need additional information like photos or information from the DNO to understand the set up- sorry this wasn’t looked into earlier for you! Our metering team let us know that we can’t put a one-rate meter on a three-rate meter head but we will release the MPAN so another supplier can attempt this for you. Again, I am sorry to hear it took so long to work out.