Gap between old and new contracts

Hi all,

My flatmate is moving out and has to close our EDF energy account (in her name). I’m thinking of moving to Bulb but the end date of our EDF contract is the 28th Feb and the earliest a contract with Bulb would start is the 18th March. What would happen for the period in between the 2 contracts?


The default situation is Bulb would pay your exit fees from EDF if you have to renew your contract, will EDF maybe extend for 2 weeks without an exit fee?
Thinking out loud, if you renew your contract with EDF are you allowed to cancel within a certain period?

I am sure Bulb will reply and clarify the situation for you.

@kirstie, if you don’t specifically open a new account with EDF once the current agreement ends, the property will be supplied on a standard use tarrif, typically addressed to the occupier of the building.

I’d just tell EDF nothing, and request a switch to Bulb. They’ll send a final bill to the occupier once the switch has completed.

Also you’re never in a contract with Bulb - you can leave at any time with no fees.

Hi @kirstie - That’s right, EDF will probably charge you on their standard tariff during that time - I’d get in touch with them to check out the cost of that, so you can have an idea what the final bill will be. Any usage at the property before the supply starts with us, will be payable to EDF.