Gap between suppliers


I am attempting to open an account with bulb (just trying to confirm our electricity and gas meters), however I have an issue as the tennant for the flat I am moving into moves out on Friday and has cancelled her plan with her provider (scottish gas) from this current Friday, but bulb is telling me at the moment that our plan with them wouldn’t start until the 15th of July. Obviously this is leaving us without a provider for some time, and I was just wondering what the solution for this is? Would we be able to start the new contract early?

Thanks in advance for any insights!

The old provider will continue to supply the property on a deemed contract and will bill you for the energy you use up to the date Bulb takes over the supply. It would be probably be useful to make yourself known to the old provider.

Just to clarify christo_1’s comment. Energy suppliers do not supply people they supply properties.

Although the existing tennant has notified that she is no longer responsible for the property, the existing energy supplier will continue to supply the property. You need to contact that existing supplier when you move in and give your opening meter readings.

At that point, you can then switch suppliers. Technically you shouldn’t have started switching the property to Bulb until you have signed all the relevant paperwork and taken legal responsibility for the property. It’s not yet your property to switch!

Thanks so much guys!

I actually live in the property right now and will continue to live there next year (its a 4 person flat), its just that the tenant who’s currently in charge of bills is moving out herself and someone else is taking her room and I’m taking over electricity which is why I switched before she’d moved :slight_smile: