Gas and electric cards won't accept warm home discount

Hi there, I received my WHD via email, I went to the post office, the barcode was accepted but my electric and gas cards were not for whatever reason. Now the £140 is in limbo and I don’t know what to do now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Can anyone help with this please?

Just a thought, did you just receive a single voucher? The maximum you can put on a key/card is £49 in a single transaction(£49 on each)

Hi there thanks for the reply, it was an email with just a barcode. Maybe that is what the problem is with the £49 limit per card.

Hi there thanks for the reply, it was an email with just a barcode
have flagged your post hopefully someone from bulb will bne able to assist you further

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Thanks, Skippy, much appreciated!

Have the same issue, the email I received with the barcode states that I should go to post office to redeem using an electricity key or gas card, neither of which have been provided by Bulb. I just have 2 pay as you go cards sent by bulb when I joined. The post office had no way of transferring the payment using the pay as you go cards.

Exact same issue here. As skippy mentioned about the £49 limit on cards, Bulb should have been more prepared with this as it obviously wouldn’t accept £140. I’m still waiting on a reply via email… seems no-one is in a hurry to respond.

Surprise, surprise, flagged both your posts

Hah thanks. When I originally emailed them, the person who responded clearly didn’t read my email because they went on to tell me that there is a barcode in the email and I was to use that… clearly swerving away from the issue I have. I’ve responded twice to the email and no reply. I get that they may be busy but they replied to me originally within an hour, even if it was a useless reply.

Normally this is paid out in three vouchers as a work around, appears that somebody has screwed up big time.

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Hey, have you heard back at all? My emails yesterday went unanswered. What a farce this is.

One week later since sending my original email about this problem and I’m still no further forward, surely someone at bulb can help me with this?

Hi @jamie1c, I can see that you have Smart Pay As You Go meters, so we will need to add this credit to your meters from our end. I’ve sent you an email about this just now.

Also, it is worth noting that your electricity key can hold up to a maximum of £255, so for any members who have electricity keys and gas cards, you will be able to put the whole voucher onto either fuel, or to split the balance between the two.

Take it this has changed in the last year or two?