Gas and Electric ? Or just Gas

How do I check if both my gas and electric are with bulb ? Someone signed my home up to Scottish Power without my consent and it’s been an absolute nightmare trying to move back. In May, I had requested the move to Scottish power to be cancelled and reported and move me back to bulb for both gas and electric. However, I called up to talk about a smart meter and I was told three weeks ago that the move had still been made, I wasn’t aware of any changes nor was I notified, and bulb had shut my account down in the process - for months, I had no idea. And both Scottish power and bulb hadn’t contacted me.

I have recently moved back, and I, again, went to enquire about a smart meter, and it now says that it only my Gas is supplied by bulb? There is nothing anywhere that says that my electric has been moved over too!!

What do I do? Or how could I find out who my suppliers are and what progress my account is in etc?

Thank you in advance,
Cora x

There are instructions on the Ofgem website on how to find out your energy suppliers. Unfortunately I can’t post a link. Use Google.

Hi @corapoll - welcome to Community :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about the poor experience you’ve had with getting your supply switched incorrectly, and the issues you’ve had since.

Your electricity switched back to Bulb on 11th June, so you should have been notified of this. Have you been using Bulb’s key to top up your meter?

– Meg :bulb:

Hello Megan!

Thank you for letting me know that! I had absolutely no idea because my account with bulb was closed in September/October time. When I called three weeks ago, they had said I was with Scottish Power now. Do you also know if my gas is with bulb also?

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Hi @corapoll

Yes your gas is back with us too.

Sometimes supplies are taken over by mistake or erroneously. It can a frustrating thing to happen but could be due to something as simple as someone selecting the wrong address when they sign up to a new supplier.

Let us know if you need any more help with this

Ele :sunny: