gas and electricity payments

Before raising my monthly payment I would like to know how much i pay for electricity and how much pay for gas. You said my payment was going up in November so what does that mean for each item

Hi @Mary1788,

You can see your present unit costs/standing charges on (or click ‘Sign in’ in the top right) and go to ‘Account & Tariff Info’ and the rates will be shown on the right hand side (these will also be included on any bills/statements).

For the forthcoming changes, these will be documented in the email received entitled ‘Variable Price Change’ around the 11th of September - a copy of this email can be found on the ‘Account & Tariff Info’ page at the bottom: failing that, just go to scroll to near the bottom and enter your postcode. All new customers are on the ‘new rates’ automatically (existing customers get 60 days notice) and the tariff page always shows the information for new customers - so you can see what the rates are going to be there.