gas bill higher than electric


can someone please explain why my gas bill is higher than my electricity bill despite the unit price for gas being significantly cheaper than electric?

gas: 3.939p per KwH
elec: 13.640. per KwH

The UNIT price for gas is less than for electric, but it sounds like you’ve used significantly more kWh of gas than electric, This would be normal in the winter, but not usually in the summer.
Can you post the number of kWh used for each fuel from the bill in question?

@saghirahmed @198kHz is correct. The price per kWh for gas is less than electricity. However, your gas meter measures gas units in volume (either m^3 for newer meters, or 100s of ft^3 for older meters). These are then converted into kWh - the calculations can be found in the gas section of your statements.