Gas bill

In my welcome pack, it confirms that bulb will be my provider for both electricity and gas. And the monthly payments have been the same as stated in the payment information section of the welcome pack. However, I haven’t been able to enter my readings for the gas meter anywhere and on the bill it’s only talked about my electricity consumption. What is going on?

@Apoorva We tried to take over your gas meter but your previous supplier objected to this transfer. We sent an email on the 31st of August with regards to this saying the below:

"Uh oh, we’ve tried to bring your gas supply for 41 LONG MEADOW, TORRIANO AVENUE, LONDON, NW5 2SU over to Bulb, but your current supplier has raised an objection.

They might think that you have an outstanding balance to pay, or it could be that the national database has your address wrong.

Here’s what you need to do:
Send us a copy of a recent statement or the serial numbers on your energy meters, so we can check your address.
Check to see if you have any outstanding balance with your current supplier. If you do, you’ll need to pay this to them.
If you haven’t sent your current supplier a meter reading recently, send them one now.
If steps 1 to 3 don’t work, you’ll need to get in touch with your current supplier.
When the objection is lifted, let us know and we’ll reapply for your energy switch."

Thank you for the information. I have to say, I did not receive an email detailing this objection. All I received were emails saying that everything is going well and that the switch has been complete. I should’ve been informed of this and I think this problem should have been stated on MyBulb so I knew what was going on.

@Apoorva We’re sorry you never received the email, there’s a chance it may have ended up in your junk folder. That’s a good idea about having it flagged MyBulb so I’ll raise that with our tech team today. If you have any other suggestions we’re always keen to hear what our members think!