Gas Boiler alternatives


Gonna need to replace my gas boiler soon, I never use my central heating as the house is very warm even in winter but need a boiler non the less, what’s a good alternative, I like the idea of an electric boiler but the cost of running seems much more expensive than a gas one.

Anyone have any thoughts

Hi @fellsteruk Whilst electric boilers often can be more expensive than gas for central heating, it may be worth looking for a combi-boiler, as these can be set to only heat water as and when it’s needed, so if you’re not using central heating often you’re probably safer cost-wise to switch to electric.

The electric boilers themselves are often more efficient than gas, but it’s the difference in price per kwh of energy produced that causes electric central heating to be more expensive if you don’t have a really efficient boiler. Have you had a look at any options?

Hi there.

One option you have is what we have - an air to water heat pump. These will go on the outside of your house.

How they work is like an air conditioner in reverse. They take the heat out of the air outside your home. These units have a COP (coefficient of performance). This is how efficient the heat pumps are. Heat pumps are cheaper to run then purely electrical boilers. this is because while a purely electrical system will be around 99% efficient, a heat pump could be 300% efficient. How? the heat pump doesn’t make its own heat energy, rather, it just moves the heat from outside, to inside. There are some downsides compared to a gas boiler though, for example, radiators will not get as hot as one from a gas boiler, so your home takes a little longer to warm up. this could also mean you need larger radiators.

For residential property, I would recommend an ‘ecodan’ heat pump. these can heat a hot water tank, and a central heating system.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @izzyhunt this is a really great suggestion.

I’ve only heard good things about Ecodan systems.

One thing I was thinking about recently is which system I would rather have if working from home if it starts to become the new normal long-term.

An Ecodan system would win hands down as it can create a constant ambient temperature rather than creating burts of heats in the morning and evening. I would much rather maintain a certain temperature throughout the day if I continued working from home.

Also, Ecodan systems are much friendlier to the planet which is always a plus :deciduous_tree: